How to Become a Pandora Distributor

Pandora is a major marketing brand of jewelry which was initiated in Denmark in 1972 and spreads over twenty countries worldwide. The company allows other local companies, or jewelers to do a partnership with Pandora group as their distributor or Franchise. In this co-operation, Pandora distributors or franchise buy Pandora jewelry from the manufacturer directly and sell it to other wholesale retailers, dealers, and customers. As a result, both the company and distributor enjoy the profit legally and independently. The catalog of Pandora jewelry included charms, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, watches, etc. In order to become a distributor of Pandora jewelry, seven basic steps in this article.

How to Become a Pandora Distributor

Step 1: Submission of Application

There are some strategies on which the Pandora business is designed to keep control over company reputations. So the company selected the third-party as distributors to sell the Pandora jewelry. In order to become a Pandora Franchise or distributor, an application form must be submitted to the company site. Thus, you must be needed to find and contact the marketing persons of Pandora, like the sales assistant executive in your local area. There is a link which can help you to search for the contact of the marketing persons in your desired countries.

After searching the respective contact person, you will immediately get the full information on marketing, about investments and other detail to open your store in your desire country by the contact person. Suppose you haven’t found the contact information of the marketing person then there is another option of mailing to the company site via the following Email address: [email protected] (Name: Stine Ellehammer).

For example, you want to open the Pandora franchise in Pakistan. First of all, you go to the contact information of the marketing person of Pakistan via the above link.

Become a Pandora Distributor

Step 2: After approval or Rejection of Application Foam

When you submit your application form along with the all required supportive document and all required information, there are two following possibilities that your application would be either accepted or rejected. If it is accepted then you become able to work with Pandora Company as a third-party distributor. However, whether you receive the exclusive rights to promote or to sell the Pandora jewelry, it depends on the agreements between the distributor and franchise.

Step 3: Searching of a specified geographic Location for Store

When you have got an exclusive rights as a third-party distributor to sell the Pandora products in a particular area, you are needed to search a geographic area for your business. The contract will be for a specified time under some important right terms and conditions. For this purpose, you are required to choose a proper, and central location of the city for your Pandora store which can be easily approached by most of the people, belonging to every social class. It may be assisted, and recommended by the Pandora team near other major marketing brands or within famous shopping malls of the desired city.

Step 4: sales tax ID (resale number) and the employer identification number

Next, you will need to get the sales tax ID which is also known as a resale number for other queries. It will be decided by your location. The other requirement is the employer identification number to start your resale business. For this purpose, you must be asked with Pandora executive of your area for the other licenses or permits. The initial request to successfully run the business is that the geographical area for your store, and the amount of investment that you are willing to spend with financial proof. After the acceptance of your initial request as a distributor, further paperwork will have proceeded. As you will be selling the Pandora manufactured goods without having your venture so you must be declared yourself as limited accountability while filling the form for the sales tax ID.

After that, you are allowed to buys the Pandora goods in large quantities by the permit without any payment of the sales tax on items purchasing.

Step 5: Designing of Pandora Store

As we know that the Pandora Company is well-known for its unique exhibitions and distinct designs of its outlets and stores. Therefore while designing the store, you should keep in mind the requirements for the store size and dimension, ceiling size, storeroom, and the display area. All these requirements will be properly guided you, before the designing of your store. Your store will be furnished by the Pandora team with their help, and investment with you during these entire processes.

Step 6: hiring of employed for resale business

In order to hire any employees, you must get the employer identification number. You then will be needed to apply for the federal employer identification number to run your resale business. Pandora team also gives training to each staff member by providing a specific uniform to each salesperson of the shop, in order to entertain the customers properly. In the last, the Pandora team will also brief each staff member about various rules and regulations of the Company and also about the policy to returns the products, its warranty, and other sales issues.

Step 7: Promote your business

When your Pandora store is opened, you will be provided by the Pandora stock to run your business after fulfilling of some minor stock requirement, so you can enjoy the profit through your business at that time. Additionally, you can get an EIN online on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website for further online establishing your business. You may be also applied for mail-in form-SS4.


You can promote your resale business as an exclusive distributor of the Pandora product through the publicity of your store.  You will have to take permission for showcasing the Pandora jewelry through the print media or the online advertisement. You might also build a professional website for ordering the Pandora products. Therefore, you can able to maintain a good business relationship with your clients and the manufacturer team. You can also take bits of help from the Pandora jewelry official websites, like you can take helps to locate and, for networking with customers in your desired location, or you may use their logo and fine art for your business.

Disclaimer: When you order Pandora products, make sure you verify that you are buying from official eStore from Pandora, we are not responsible for any damange.

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