Fake Pandora websites [List] | Beware of Online scam

Pandora customers are being strictly warned by the Pandora team to think more than one time before purchasing any Pandora goods online. The number of fake Pandora websites are continuously raising, now a day. Mostly, these type of fraudulent online jewelry stores offers up to 70% off for their fake goods. They look like an official online store. However, you could be deprived through these fake sites from hundreds of dollars out of your account or left you with a scam product.

According to the inspections, the customer had billed up to $265 till now for the purchasing of the Pandora item, but the goods have not arrived still. There is a Facebook official page Pandora Scam Sites, official Pandora Facebook page, and customers being warned to check here if they are suspicious which helps the Pandora customer from any frauds and has shared many fake Pandora websites on their pages.

List of fake Pandora websites

These are some list of fraudulent websites which have been reported on their official websites

  1. pandorajewelrycollection.com
  2. pandorasestore.com
  3. pandoratok.com
  4. pandoracenter.com
  5. pandora-charms.top
  6. pandoraub.com
  7. pandorasukstores.com
  8. pandoraads.com
  9. pandoraukoutlets.com
  10. pandoraoutlet.hu
  11. pandoracharmsclearance.us
  12. pandoraukeonline.com
  13. pandoracenter.net
  14. outletpandorastore.net
  15. pandoraop.com/
  16. argenuks.com
  17. pdbtny.com
  18. beadazle.com
  19. nopandora.com

fake Pandora websites

Some anti-fraud tips against fraudsters

There some prevention tips through which you can secure from the fraudsters:

  • The fraudsters often offer a great deal of selling. They offer more than 70% off.
  • Fraudsters usually don’t give any warranty, after-sales service, or guarantee.
  • Carefully understand that how was the feedback of that website through which you are going to purchase. It may provide you some useful information about transactions through other customers.
  • Carefully check the description of goods it may save you for any fault delivery.
  • Do not provide any account information through email because your account may be suspended.
  • Enter the URL in any search engine, if you will find any little changes than the real in the URL, so it would be suspicious. e.g., …[email protected] whereas the real is …[email protected] Check out any information may be provided by people on the internet.
  • Carefully, take a look at the terms and conditions of the website. The suspicious sites often offer a turmoil resolution or obstruct procedures of purchasing.

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Some dos and don’ts

There is some basic instruction which will be considered before payment to any website and after identifying the fake websites:

  1. If you have received the fake product, you should be asked to refund the money within the one month
  2. If you have paid to the fake brand less that was under the cost of $100 through your credit card or debit card, then you can call in your bank branch for the use of the ‘chargeback scheme’. With the help of this scheme, you can reverse back the transaction.
  3. If you have paid the cost of more than $100 to any fake Pandora brand, then you can use the ‘section 75’ claim through your credit card company by calling them.
  4. You must ask your bank or franchise for other options if you are paid by any other transaction.
  5. After the confirmation of fraud, you have to report the seller to the Trading Standards.
  6. Beware of money transfers payment options
  7. Make sure your transduction is secure.
  8. Don’t provide your financial, confidential, or personal information through email.
  9. Use an online payment method.

Disclaimer: When you order Pandora products, make sure you verify that you are buying from official eStore from Pandora, we are not responsible for any damange.

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